Punkin People

Punkin People are a certain group of well-known humans.  Some of them are loved and cherished and adored and gifted with hugs and kisses and many splendorous things.  Other Punkin People are abused physically and verbally, used as objects for the satisfying of pleasure or used as objects for the satisfying of wrath.

This last group of Punkin People make my heart heavy with sadness at their plight.  My only solution to that sadness is to be on guard against those perpetrators of Punkin abuse:   Confronting what I see or calling those in authority or personally stepping in with some form of help.  These little Punkins have the carved scared faces, the sad faces, the unsure faces.  Carved by the hands of those who should have been trying to carve beauty in the little Punkin.

My little Punkin People are loved.  Beyond measure.  By many people.  They are so very blessed.

My little-to-big Punkins

My little-to-big Punkins

We praise God for them.  We lift up their uniqueness to the Creator that He will carve them to His liking, not to ours.  We ask for the help we need to be wise caretakers of our Punkin field, to nourish these little Punkins properly, caring for them the way the Master has planned.  With love and adoration and hugs and kisses and many splendorous gifts.

Just as He has done for me.

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