It’s That Time Again… Time To Remember

All over Facebook are pictures of the 9/11 destruction and stories of where people were on that harrowing day.  There are remembrance collages and photos.  Remembrance sentiments.

Since I couldn’t say it any better, I decided to post some of those things people said and created.  They are not my creation nor my words, but they do convey my sentiments.  The photos have no recognition of who took them or created them, and for this I apologize but I have no way of knowing.

So, as I remember:

Skyline of New York before 911

Remembering 911

Statue of Liberty and Twin Towers


9-11 Destruction

fire fighter in 911 destruction

“Thinking of those who lost their lives, and the families and friends they left behind.”

” never will forget! it was (name removed) and me opening that tuesday morning, the entire store was dead but of coarse we stayed open, i got off at 4 and tried to get gas, but it was like 6 bucks a gallon, it took almost on hour to get home and i lived 5 minutes away!”

“I was in Equality on a roof.  (Name removed) and (name removed) were with me.  … had the radio on in his truck. When the horrible news started pouring in, finishing that roof or any other work was the last thing on our minds.We all just sat on that rooftop stairing out over the town praying for good news to come soon. For so many that day, good news didnt come, we will always share their pain and remember them in our prayers. God Bless Them and GOD BLESS THE USA.”

“I was at (name removed) Nursing home in the break room when it came across the TV. My heart sank into my stomach and eyes filled with tears.”

” I was at the Office in Old Shawneetown watching the Horror on TV, with (name removed), and (name removed)”


” was at work, had just sent out my landscape crews and getting ready to head out myself. Our branch administrator came running into the kitchenette and yelled “turn on the tv, my mom said a plane hit the WTC!” As we watched, we saw the second plane hit and were in shock, did that really just happen? What the heck was going on? The kids and I were to fly out the next day to Washington DC for my niece’s wedding on Saturday. All of a sudden the news flashed about the Pentagon, and that’s when I panicked. I had friends working there, my family was right across the bridge from the Pentagon. Were they safe? It was a long and terrifying day until I knew for sure they were all safe. A co-worker’s father was in Charge of Indianapolis’ Task Force One, and he was immediately readied with his crew to head to Ground Zero. And of course we had to drive to DC instead of fly, and it was so creepy to be in the busiest place of the US and not see a single plane or helicopter in the air. We went down to the Pentagon later that week, and I cannot express the multitude of emotions that coursed through me. I’ll never forget…”

” I was in Cancun, stuck there bc no planes …..scary to be out of the country”

‎8:00 a.m., I’d just dropped my two precious sons off for their day at Grade School. I turned the car radio on to catch up on the morning news…..”

The date that will be remembered forever……God bless the families of the fallen and injured.”

I rem I was at hburg er with mama she’d had a mild heart attack when I heard the news. (name removed) was 3 and at (name removed) funny how you know everything about that day”

“Remembering 9/11”

“Where were you when the world stopped turning that September day?” Take a moment today to stop and remember…and pray.”

“My prayers go up for the survivors of 9/11 and their families, as well as the families of those who lost their lives. I pray for God’s protection of this great nation, and our emergency personnel and military personnel and their families!!!! I pray for a return to Christian morality for our elected officials and our nation as a whole!!! ”

“For the husband who told his wife I love you one last time before his plane went down in a field ~ For the wife who stopped in the stairs to call her husband to say I will love you forever ~ For the mothers and fathers who kissed their kids goodbye the morning they died ~ For the policemen and firemen who rushed in to help, only to die themselves ~ For the soldiers who fought back and lost their lives. Today, tomorrow and ten years from now…. WE WILL REMEMBER! ♥”

“Myself, my family and friends here in South Africa will never forget that horrific day xxx”


Joyce Meyer Ministries

Our thoughts and prayers are with those of you who lost loved ones on this day eleven years ago. As we remember and honor those who gave their lives on 9/11, let’s also remember that our hope in any situation is Jesus Christ. We pray that you know this hope and the comfort that only Christ can give. 

“May our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father, who loved us and by his grace gave us eternal encouragement and good hope, encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good deed and word.” -2 Thessalonians 2:16-17

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