Pool Nazi

After two near drownings, one teenager being life-flighted to St Louis hospital and one a small boy who had removed his life jacket without telling anyone, I am a vigil swimming pool monitor.  Standing by the side of the pool most days there are children around, usually in the pool with them, I yell at them and lay down the rules continually.

“Wait till she’s over to the side to jump off the diving board.”  “No, you can’t go down the slide together!”  “Stop holding on to each other in the deep end.”  That is for Ava and Kate most of the time because Kate thinks she can swim like an Olympic swimmer now that she has mastered the concept a little bit.

But it is neat to watch her with her little goggles on doing flips forward and then backward; jumping off the diving board with her little pose and “What’s up?” before she splashes into the water.  She says Ava can go down the slide because she will catch her.  It’s all Kate can do to keep herself afloat.  She is just so funny.  Too big for her britches.

The kids have to get out if they don’t mind, sitting on the side or in a chair on the deck.  No running.  All sorts of rules and regulations.  But I can count on one hand with fingers left over the times I have had to make anyone sit out for any length of time.

My Pool Nazi days are over soon, though.  One of my least favorite times of the year.  I love love those long, hot, summer days that run on into lovely, long summer evenings.



2 thoughts on “Pool Nazi

  1. The picture above…I am sure they are out to sea and the boat or ship has run into trouble. Kate is leading the way into the shore, Jack would be pulling the boat to safety and Sam is fighting off the sharks.


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