Don’t tell me what I’ve done.

You don’t know how I feel.

What am I even capable of?

I will steal, but will I kill?

That test has not presented itself

And for this I do not know

But I warn you, anyone this concerns,

Don’t try me; through me anger flows.

I do what I say;

I say what I mean.

I inherited crazy;

It’s all in my genes.

So smile and laugh with me!

I’m broken inside

Twisted and tied.

I see your face

Torturing myself.

I get lost in the pain

Forgetting what is real.

My thoughts turn to hate

My memory fades

Yet I still feel you.

All the hurt I endure

I am cold and insecure.

I feel warm when I’m with you.

Please save me.

Just take it all away.

I don’t wanna stay

Here anymore.