My Little Blog… the World Traveler

world map

Today my little blog has traveled to Italy, Spain, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.  And all around the U.S. as well.  Which totally amazes me.

One of my favorite things to do when I get on here is to check my stats.  See what search engines found my little darling or how many different countries we visited or who may have stopped by to leave a message or meet someone new that happened this way.  Almost every day someone clicks on the pictures of Snow White’s lip print on the cheeks of Kate and Ava.  Those have been the most favorite pictures of all the ones that have been posted.

Almost 20,000 hits since I started it.  Of course, some blogs get that in a day… but I’ll take it for the year.

I’m happy with my stats.  Thanks, dear readers.

2 thoughts on “My Little Blog… the World Traveler

  1. Can I get your autograph? I want to say I knew her when…….she first started,she perservered, she shared and inspired…..and now she’s a world famous blogger!!!!!! Love Ya Brenda!!!!!


  2. I’m proud to say I know you. I enjoy every little thing you have said. Keep it up. You have the potential to get 20,000 hits a day.


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