My Little Blog… the World Traveler

world map

Today my little blog has traveled to Italy, Spain, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.  And all around the U.S. as well.  Which totally amazes me.

One of my favorite things to do when I get on here is to check my stats.  See what search engines found my little darling or how many different countries we visited or who may have stopped by to leave a message or meet someone new that happened this way.  Almost every day someone clicks on the pictures of Snow White’s lip print on the cheeks of Kate and Ava.  Those have been the most favorite pictures of all the ones that have been posted.

Almost 20,000 hits since I started it.  Of course, some blogs get that in a day… but I’ll take it for the year.

I’m happy with my stats.  Thanks, dear readers.

Lips Made For a Princess

Our first day was staying at a stay and park hotel which was a good deal since we got to leave the vehicle there all week plus get a ride to and from the airport.  Our flight was at 6:00 a.m. so we had to get up and at ’em early.

waking up Kate

Waking up the little princess (which is what she called herself all week, by the way) was a chore.  Ava got up and was getting dressed while we tried to get Kate going.  She wasn’t too happy that I was taking early-morning photos.

grumpy Gert

As you will see, Kate has not only the potential of being royalty but also the lips for royalty.  When she is older, she can be a real princess at Disney because she has the lips for it.  We discovered this at Cinderella’s castle when we went there for lunch on her birthday.

Snow White talking with Kate

Snow White was so sweet!  She took time to talk to the girls.  And as she was talking to the girls, I noticed the similarity between her and Princess Kate.  If you will look at the photo, you will see her mouth is moving and she has beautiful lips.

Kate’s mouth is always moving and she has beautiful lips… when they’re not turned down in a big frown.  Well, even then, they’re still beautiful.

the two little princesses mesmerized by the one big princess

Kate loves to talk with her beautiful lips (actually it’s called bossing).  She also loves make-up including bright red lipstick.  The two just go together:  beautiful lips and bright red lipstick.

Kate kissing Snow White

Kiss from Snow White

checking out the kiss

The girls were very excited to be kissed by Snow White.  I can’t imagine how many times the lovely Princess must have to replenish her lipstick!

Ava's turn

the special kiss

Ava's ready for her Snow White kiss

Ava is loving this!

beautiful red lips!

Ava is very proud of her Snow White "tattoo"


I’m fairly certain she does this to each child that will allow her to do so.

And the final result of all this kissing…

A pair of bright red lips on the cheek of each little princess!

And how does this make me realize our Kate has the lips of a princess?  Her lips are always moving and talking, so check that one off; she loves to kiss her prince (usually me–I am so lucky), so check that one off; she would love that bright red lipstick slathered all over her lips, so check that one off; and she has the full lips for leaving nice, big, red “princess tattoos” on all the happy little children’s faces.

Cinderella’s Castle

so awesome!

Cinderella’s Castle is just so neat!

beautiful stained glass

It is awesome to go up the winding staircase with the knight’s armor and all the other decorations.  In the dining room there are stained-glass windows all around.  The furnishings are beautiful, and the waiter is more than helpful.  As you wait to go upstairs to the dining room, photographers take a picture with Cinderella as well as give each family time to take their own photos.

Cinderella, Kate, and Ava

As you’re having your meal, they bring the pics around in a folder: one 8X10 and four 4X5’s.  They are included in the meal package which is two dining meals or $150 for the four of us.  Actually Ava ate free because she was under two.  All the other restaurants were approximately $100 (some a bit more, some a bit less),  and if you wanted the picture, it had to be purchased, plus Ava ate off her sister’s meal and ours, not one of her own.  The girls’ meals were served on white Mickey Mouse plates:  a big round plate with two smaller, white, round plates attached for ears

the wishing star and wand

Once seated, they bring everyone a wand and a wishing star. During a part of the mealtime, they have everyone make a wish on their wishing star and then move the wand over the star, repeating the magic words of the wish master. I can’t remember the words; I’m not sure I made a wish.  But Kate did.  She told us she wished that she would get to see Jasmine.

making a wish

The birthday cupcake

blowing out the candle



The waiter made a big production out of her birthday that day.  He brought out a cupcake with three small bowls of decorations for her to decorate her cake.  As he lit the candle, he had everyone in the restaurant sing Happy Birthday.

Ava decorating her cupcake

decorating the birthday cupcake

Ava got one as well!  So they both had a big time with the tiny chocolate chips and sprinkles, decorating and then scarfing down birthday cake.

Kate's big birthday cupcake

Snow White, Kate, and Ava

We saw Snow White.  She was very gracious and spent a lot of time with each little girl.  This is the princess that Kate should be when she gets old enough to work at Disney.  More on that tomorrow.  Of course, Cinderella was the first we saw as we were waiting downstairs.

Ariel, Kate, and Ava

Ariel wore a blue dress and had a starfish in her hair.  She was beautiful as well with her long red hair.

Aurora is really Kate’s favorite even though she was quite a Jasmine fan this past week.  Kate loves to be Sleeping Beauty and wants me to be Prince Phillip.  She knows all the couples.  If she is Ariel, then I get to be Prince Eric.  If I mess up and mention the wrong prince with the wrong princess, she corrects me.

Princess Aurora, Kate, and Ava

Belle, Kate, and Ava

We never play Beauty and the Beast, but I think I will have to suggest it from now on because Belle was one of the nicest of all the princesses we met.  She met the girls at their level, as did Snow White, another favorite of mine.