Our Wedding Day

October 17

To James On Our Wedding Day

By Brenda Byassee

And so the morning dawned,
breaking into day.
The music with its melody
had a thousand things to say.
It started with a timid tune,
an underlying current,
of whispered joy and promises.
Nothing could deter it.
The beat became a steady one –
the hushed chords growing stronger
until the song of love sang out,
and they were two no longer.

the happy bride

the happy groom

“There were bells on the hill,
but I never heard them ringing.
No, I never heard them at all…
Till there was you.
There was love all around
But I never heard it singing…
Till there was you.”

our first kiss as Mr. and Mrs.

A Fairytale Love Story: Prince Ranier and Grace Kelly

Princess Rainer and Princess Grace

In searching for just the right love story, I came upon this blog: Decor To Adore.  She has the most awesome pictures and tells the whole story of Prince Ranier marrying Grace Kelly.  In order to give credit where credit is due, I am not going to write what Decor To Adore has already written but instead will direct you to her blog.  You won’t be disappointed.

I fell in love with Grace Kelly when I was very young.  And as most young girls, was awed and wowed with the story of her moving off to a foreign country to become a princess.  Today, in my years of gained wisdom, I realize it was probably, as Alfred Hitchcock said, one of her best roles.

It doesn’t matter to me.  I still love the love story.

When God Leads You To It…

Wes and Amanda Martin

This is a great love story!  Amanda fell in love first.  It wasn’t until they were both in Mexico City, Mexico, as they were part of a team from their church doing some ministry down there that Wes fell in love.

He said just after a period of praying that he lifted his head up and there was Amanda.  And he just fell into this huge, engulfing puddle of complete and utter love… which, of course, was Amanda.

The pastors say after that revelation that Wes was pretty useless.  He couldn’t quit with the google-eyed looks of love at his sweetie.

Amanda, on the other hand, knew how Wes was in their relationship.  She wasn’t telling anybody until she knew it was the real thing.  And, well, Wes was telling everyone.  They eventually married and have had some heart-breaking as well as wonderful experiences.

To read all about them, go to their web site:  http://wesleymartin.org/about/

A Loving Story

TheLovingStoryPoster: to debut February 14

Back in January, right after Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday, this story popped up on Yahoo.  It was perfect for my February month of love stories.  What a perfect way to start out my month of love!  With the Lovings!

This month I will be featuring love stories that are personal in nature as well as notorious, such as the story of the “Lovings“.  If you click on the link, you can get the full details, much more than I am giving you here, and by the proper source.  It’s most interesting.

These two young people fell in love back in 1958 and traveled to Washington D. C. to get married because it was illegal in Virginia.  When they returned home to their native state, after only five weeks of marital bliss, the police barged into their home in the middle of the night (that was when we didn’t lock our doors… EVER) and arrested them (after they woke them up by shining a bright flashlight in their faces and asking them why they were in bed together).

I remember a similar love story here in my home town right around that time, perhaps in the early 60s.  One of the young girls here fell in love with an African-American and married him.  It was a huge scandal.  Everyone talked about it at the supper table; everyone was shocked.

Hmmm.  Reminds me of the scandal I created when my late husband and I were dating and eventually married; he being much younger than I; he being a “wild thang”; me, not so much.

She and her husband lived in another town, so we didn’t see them often.  They now have beautiful, grown children and are still married.  I love that love story.