In Fairview Heights or O’Fallon, somewhere up in the St. Louis area, is a restaurant called Lotawata Creek that has great food and a lot of it.  That is what this past month has been.  Full of great things and a lot of it!!!

My computer was fixed although I did lose a bunch of my dictionary and did have to stress significantly on transcripts.  My friends’ daughter was married for whom I played the keyboard.  The wedding theme was Winter Wonderland and was beautiful.  The keyboard playing… not so beautiful, but I guess it was okay because people were kind enough to tell me it was good.  Still, it was another major stress activity.  Our family party was the same day as the wedding, so as soon as I was finished playing, I hightailed it up to my sister’s.

The social calendar in my life is usually fairly bare, but this month I’ve had two events on the same night at least three times.  Bummer. I want to fit everything in.  And so far have been able to squeeze them in although it’s running from here to there.  So glad I did because I won over $30 at the poker party!!

My poor little blog has been left behind, just stagnating as I gad about.  I felt so bad about it this morning I thought I would sit down and just throw in a few tidbits of why it’s been left alone.  Poor blog baby.

What have you guys been up to this season?  Do you have time to throw a word in here to let us know what’s happening on your calendar of events?

6 thoughts on “WhataLottaMonth

  1. Well! Was wondering where you were! We have been to visit the lovely town of Shawneetown
    this past Monday. I took my brothers and sister and my lovely sister in law Becky all to Belle’s Restaurant to eat. Was Mexican day and we all enjoyed the food very much! We checked out Topp Value Grocery. Becky and I later went to Fashionland . Big sale going on there! And true to Doris February style, even a $5 rack! Got my Pampered Chef . Thank you, Brenda! Had a fun day.
    Nice to see that a little life has returned to main street.


  2. Well Ms. Brenda….since I know you I really know you have had a busy schedule this month. You are a busy woman, BUT….you know what they say about the idle mind…oh yea….trouble will try to squeeze its way in …..so stay busy. I have been busy, but not really doing anything to get any body taking notice. But I have done a little baking…and made memories once again by making cookies with my girls….Cheryl & Emily….and of course as you know I am getting ready to go look for Santa……and of course if I can just find my way back home,,,,AFTER I find him. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOUR..KEEP BLOGGING….


  3. As I sit here, I am 2 days away from starting on our family trip to Florida for Christmas break. I am so hoping to find some rest and relaxation while on the beach at Daytona. More importantly I am praying for spiritual awakening in our lives. I planned this trip so we as a family could take time to experience the real meaning of Christmas, giving praise for the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!!! Wishing you and your family a joyous, Merry Christmas!! See ya next year!!


    • You need to start your own blog. You write so well, and this trip right here is the perfect time to start. It’s great blog material: In Search Of The Real Thing. Great content and people would love reading it. All your ups and downs in day-to-day life. Soooo many people could relate. Think about it.


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