Scaring Darla… Again

It’s just sooo easy!  She’s such a scaredy cat!  Saturday we went by Keely’s to pick up the grandgirls.  On the porch was a rubber snake… which scared her!  Jack went to pick it up, and Dar starts begging, “Please don’t throw it on me.”  He was only going to move it away from her, but she had already jumped up off the swing and hurried out to the yard.  Poor girl.  It took all my willpower to keep from throwing it on her!  But I didn’t.

angel of a sister

I am such a good sister.

The time at the mall, though, I did have to laugh so hard my belly hurt.  Dar and I and some other family members (can’t remember now who all went) were standing just inside a store in the mall by the front window displays.  We were all talking, and Dar starts calling my name in this weird voice.  I turn to look at her, and she is staring at the mannequins while she is trying to get our attention with her arm extended to touch us.  She couldn’t touch us because she was mesmerized with fear and couldn’t look away from the mannequins long enough to see where we were.  Just flapping her hand behind her in our general direction.

She said, “That mannequin moved its hand.”  Say what?  We all stood there and looked at the  mannequins on display.


None of them were moving anything.  So Dar keeps on trying to convince us as she is staring fearfully at the display.  “That mannequin moved its hand!”  Uh-huh, we believe that.

About that time the mannequin lifted it’s hand off the shoulder of the one beside it and did a little wave, then put it’s hand back down.  I think, maybe, we all could have screamed.  I can’t recall right now.  But I do remember the group of four or so college-age kids standing outside the window dying laughing.  And, finally, the “mannequin” couldn’t stand it any longer either.  He also started laughing.

It was great!  Dar gave them a great time that day, and they gave us one.  We have laughed about that ever since, and that was years ago.

5 thoughts on “Scaring Darla… Again

  1. Oh you’re so funny! haha The torment I live with, always on guard…Who’s going to throw a mouse on me or a snake, or pull up at my house with half a body hanging out the car. I could feel the moment yesterday building with just the snakes sitting there in their plastic bodies. All it took was for Jack to mention that they were there and I was losing control. You better be glad you didn’t throw one of them on me….it would have been a site for all those neighbors setting outside enjoying their sunny afternoon. A crazy woman taking off running up the street screaming her guts out! Because once you let it – there’s no stopping it – is there?


  2. That was us at the mall with the mannequins!!! Mom and I were with you guys. Was Keely there too? That pops into my head sometimes when I’m at a mall and see a mannequin! That was soooooooo funny. He looked so fake… or shall I say he looked like a real mannequin. Oh poor Darla. Hang in there, Halloween will be over soon. (Not that it matters in your family. They prank all year long.)


  3. It’s a good thing Darla has a great sense of humor and an even bigger forgiving heart!!!!! I have to tell you girls, your stories give us all a good laugh!! Thank you so much!!


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