There Was an Old Woman Who Lived In a Shoe

Actually, I must be living with my head in a hole in the ground like a big ostrich!  Why? you ask.  I went grocery shopping today and about had a heart attack!  How do families eat?!?!  One orange was 78 cents!!  A bag of apples was about $7!!  A gallon of Prairie Farms milk was $5!

Good grief!!  If minimum wage is $8.25 an hour (not sure if it’s more) then a person has to work an hour to buy a bag of apples and one orange.  I’m just amazed at the price of food.  It’s rather unbelievable.

If I had a family today, I would make a pen in my backyard and raise chickens for eggs and Sunday dinner; a pig for my bacon; and raise a garden.  I don’t think I have room for a cow, but one of my friend’s could raise the cow, and we could barter.  Then I see these people, who have no money, smoking, and I wonder what they have to give up to keep that vice… or what their children have to give up for them to keep it.  But I do not understand addictions and do not want to cast any assumptions toward anyone who has an addiction.  The Good Lord knows we all have our big and little demons that we fight.  I have plenty of questions about why I do this or why I do that to keep me guessing at answers.  No need to look around for more.

Except I have to ask:  what is the deal with food being so outrageously expensive?  Since I’m a cereal freak and a peanut butter freak, with no one to really feed but me, I don’t shop that often.

Jeez Lou-eeze!  I may have to rethink my Momma Magazine Menu Meals for everyone’s birthday.  Closed due to Momma refusing to pay outlandish prices for food!

And to think, I had dates already in place for all you all.  Darn it.

8 thoughts on “There Was an Old Woman Who Lived In a Shoe

  1. Corn prices Brenda are through the roof. It is in everything. I am having to raise prices weekly in my store. You think its high now wait 6 months. It takes that long for the prices to catch up with commodity prices. Also fuel prices are not going down anytime soon.


    • I’ve been talking to people and have heard how things are going up 10 cents every week or two weeks. Darla said she paid $10 more this year for oil for the Liberty Fest doughnut cooking than she did last year. That’s pretty hefty!


  2. First of all, where in the heck are you shopping??? Our milk here at Walmar is $2.50. I know things have really gone up. The thing I noticed the most was canned vegetables that went from
    3 / $1.00 to $.89 a can!! And did that within 2 weeks time! We always guess who can come closest on the price of the cart full of groceries. We used to get it real close. Now we are off like $40 !! It’s unbelievable. And I do pity the poor trying to feed a family.


  3. It’s a real stresser going to the grocery store. I can spend $200 in a blink of an eye and still not have enough to get through the week. Worse yet I have to go back the next week, and the next,etc. and do it all over again. It’s getting real hard to live on a single full time income with everything going up in cost. Looks like Mother Hubbard’s cupboard around here right now!! Down to the bare bones!!!


  4. Preach it, B. I agree totally. I eat at least one or two apples a day too…so my kids have to suffer the consequences…only two gallons of outrageously expensive milk a week. It won’t get any better either…P.S. raising chickens is the pits…


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