A Firsts Party

Today I went to a Firsts party.  Well, it wasn’t called that; it was called a baby shower.  But there were just so many firsts going on that all I could think of was it should have been called a Firsts party.

What firsts?

Mommy and baby

Well, the new mommy with the precious little baby girl on the way.  The little baby girl that already has so many cute little clothes and other baby gadgets and gizmos that I can’t wait for her to get here.

Of course, a new baby means a grandma, and this is the first time my friend is going to be a grandma!  A first-time mom and a first-time grandma.

going to be grandma

She said today that she was going to need lessons on how to be a grandma from me and Dar, but I told her it comes naturally.

grandma love look

The first time she sees that precious little girl she will push Momma out of the way and grab that baby!  She will forget she even has a daughter of her own because she will be in such awe and love of that new little life.

My friend’s other daughter is also having a first:  her first year of college away from home.  She’s been over to the college, done all the orientation, got her room ready to roll (I assume), and will be leaving next month.

bring on the books!

I think she’s excited at the same time that she is a little anxious.  It’s hard to leave your home… especially with a little niece going to make her arrival soon.

So now the circle of firsts begins anew.  From that first breath to her first steps all the way to her first apartment/dorm room of her own to her first baby… and eventually

oh, yeah. That's what I'm talkin' about!

bring it on!




3 thoughts on “A Firsts Party

  1. awwwwww……to be grandma for the first time…….precious moment…..BB you are you late and doing good at writing. and all those first brings back lots of memory.


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