I Love Good Days

Yesterday was a good day.  My nephew, Mike, came and helped me mow and trim the yard and wash my car.  It was fun being around him;  he’s a hard worker who does a great job.

Today I got an Apple computer.  I haven’t decided if this has been a good day yet or not; still working on the computer.  But being in church was good.  It’s always nice to give God at least a few hours of my week.

Then tonight I checked my little blog, and there was a new comment.  That’s always thrilling to get some posts on your blog, read them, respond, enjoy the whole blog experience.  Tonight’s comment was a sweet note from another blogger with similar problems with her son as I have with my son, schizophrenia.  So I toggled on over to her blog to write her a personal little note and got caught up reading about her trials and memories and other blog materials.

The whole point of this blog tonight is to let you know that she is not having a good day.  As a matter of fact, it sounds like she needs our prayers and, in fact, has asked for them.  Her name is Michelle.

The people of Norway are not having a good day either.  I know this because I have seen their pictures splayed across my computer, and those pictures are of hurting, crying, distraught people.  They need our prayers as well.

Oh, I could go on and on about people that aren’t having a good day, and I hope that you are not one of them.  But if you are, let me know because I am on a mission this week to pray for the hurting and the downcast.  If you had a good day, as I have, tell us what was good about it.  I love hearing good stories.

5 thoughts on “I Love Good Days

  1. Brenda,
    Thanks for all the prayers as everyone needs them. I have been very thankful today as a very special young lady whom is from Norway, is safe with us in Iowa. She came for a surprise visit.
    She woke us up at 1 am in the morning a couple of wks ago, with total excitement as she had just arrived. Then the Norway shootings. She has been devastated, watching her beloved country go through all the heartache. The blessing for her was that every year she attends the camp of the shootings, but decided to surprise us all this yr and pass on attending. But as this unfolded, her friends that were there were texting her, as the madman was shooting. It was painful to read the texts as they were hiding in the food coolers and in the water not knowing if they were going to be alive the next moment. Two of her good friends are still in comas, but they have made some progress. We have been very thankful for her being with us, but so sad for the country. So keep her and the people of Norway in your prayers. I know you have asked for good stories. Ours is Drew our son just arrived yesterday from Ireland as he has spent 6 wks there attending a writers workshop. He had a great experience. Today we are moving him from one apartment to another for his last and yes final year at the University of Iowa! Yes this is good!!!


    • Oh, Cecilia, how my heart is breaking! That poor girl! She must feel guilt at the same time she is feeling relief; guilt that she was not there even though it is irrational and relief that she was not there which is totally rational. Oh, how awful to be getting first-hand accounts from her dear friends. I can’t even imagine how she feels, how powerless that was to hear those voices needing help and not being able to do more. Although her availability at that time when they needed to hear a voice on their phone was probably a God-sent blessing to them, and she should be comforted by knowing she had to have comforted them in some way. May God give her peace in this tumultuous time. I will most definitely continue praying for Norway and its people.


  2. I have been following a young 10 yr.old boys journey/battle with cancer.. He is from Carrolton, Kentucky a small town North of Louisville. This is his 2nd battle, 2nd round of chemo, radiation, mouth sores, nausea, etc You get the picture….how sad.

    The good side of this is his faithful, God fearing, trusting, Christian parents, and brother!!! They are being used by God to witness and speak to thousands through their journey with their son, Kameron. Even he has a testimony out of this world!! He is thankful for even the smallest things. An example is him telling his Mom he was glad to get to go to his radiation treatments because it gave him a chance to get a breath of fresh air and feel the warmth of the sunshine!!! He has been isolated in a hospital room for about 10 weeks.

    Even better and Godly news is……his numbers are up and his immunity is at a point that he can leave the hospital for a while and spend a few days with his family enjoying some family fun time!!!!! This family’s faithfulness speaks volumes!! You can find their story at Caringbridge.org/visit/kameronnab. I hope you will take time to read about their journey. They are an inspiring family!!!


    • Cheryl,
      I checked out Kameron’s website. Bless his little heart as well as his family. I cannot even imagine the pain that little fella is going through. And such worry for his family! They are definitely on my list.


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