Our first sunflower blooming

Kate wanted to take pictures of the sunflower house yesterday when she was here.  She is a novice photographer that can get some pretty good shots sometimes.  She will aim and look in the viewfinder.  If it doesn’t look good to her, she moves her position or moves her subject.  I’m actually amazed at her.  Here is her shot of our first sunflower bloom:

Kate's view of our first bloom

She took several pictures of the sunflower house.  Some of them are excellent, especially for a five-year-old.  Actually, they are excellent for an any-year-old!

I made her a front door and a back door this year.  We had to get all the bird houses out and hang them around.  Then the door bell was next.  Add a chair and a little table to the mix, and the little house is starting to look like home.

still has some growing to do
view from the front: front door is by the blue birdhouse and path goes around to come out by the gate

Here is a look at some of Kate’s photographs.  I love them!  And she took all of the following pictures:

She really worked on this one to get it just right and close.
finally got just the shot she wanted

She tried to get a shot of this flower outside the “house,” but couldn’t get her angle right, so she said, “I think I can get this better on the inside.”  So in she goes and then tells me to hold the sunflowers away from it so she can get a good shot.  After she took the picture, she looked at the view and said, “That’s a good one.”  I love when she does that!

Some of the flowers inside the house
One of the many birdhouses

The sunflowers still have a little bit of growing to do.  Some will get taller than others giving the house a full look as well as a tall look.  There are plenty of sunflowers left if anybody would like to bring a bucket of water and gather some for your own sunflower house.  It doesn’t take a lot of room for one.  Of course, there’s not a lot of room in them either.