Did I Say I Would Be Done When?

So tomorrow night (to post pics and get ‘er done) has come and gone.  But… I have found a brand new blog!!  Well, new to me.  At least I don’t remember going there before.  Oh, dear.  Now I’m wondering if I had already subscribed and then subscribed again.

Anyway, it’s note*to*self.  Isn’t that the neatest name?  And I know the author of it.  If and when n*t*s really begins writing, I will put it on my blog roll so you all can check it out.  n*t*s has a great writer!

My grandgirls went to the carnival without me tonight.  boohoohoo  I am taking them tomorrow night.  Unless the pool paint comes in.  In the case of the finally-arrived-pool-paint, I shall have an evening BYOB-and-tell-me-where-I-missed-a-spot party.  Bring your own chair.  I will be the one in the boots in the bottom of the pool with Bikini Blue all over me.

4 thoughts on “Did I Say I Would Be Done When?

  1. Ms. Brenda….I also have read the NOTE TO SELF…..but not lately. Always enjoy reading it. Now back to the pool ….Did you get promises of lot of people going to come and help you when the paint gets in…..like oh yea…..getrdone…but by now you know dont wait for the crowd to show up to help. I would but I really cant paint because it hurts my shoulder.i make a good boss……you already know that. Keep writing


    • I have been getting a lot of “Is your pool open yet?” hahaha Going to charge a fee this year to help maintain the thing. It costs a fortune. I would love to fill it in, but guess I won’t. And I need a good boss. Somebody to keep me focused!


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