Gettin’ ‘Er done

This weekend has been the clean the pool house and get the pool repaired and opened weekend.  My good friend, Cheryl, came by Saturday in the midst of her very, very busy day to give me a boost by helping with the pool house.  Okay.  So she practically cleaned it all herself.  Emily, her daughter, and I just sort of looked busy.

I was supposed to have it finished Saturday night, but a good friend’s anniversary/retirement celebration took precedence.  Today I didn’t get it completed either.

So… tomorrow you get the pics of the completed job.

2 thoughts on “Gettin’ ‘Er done

  1. I will have you know it’s all this hard, physical labor that gives me that healthy glow. And other than that, I’m not sure why that picture turned out so good. I had to hunt forever to find one! hahahaha


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