Piano Lessons

Since I was out in the backyard digging in the flower bed (digging up sunflower seedlings), I almost missed my piano student.  I thought it was five… it was six.  This daylight savings time makes me lose track of the time.

Right now I am up to four students!!  Yippee!  I love it.

piano student

It’s so much fun to watch it come together as they learn to play.  And the books now are great; gets them moving on the piano with both hands right away.

My mom started me taking piano lessons when I was seven or eight.  Mrs. Jennings from Junction gave me lessons every Saturday.  When Darla started taking lessons — (Dar, tell that story) —

weird Japanese stuff

I would get to watch TV during her lesson.  There was always one of those weird Saturday movies on, a Japanese movie with dubbed in English, black and white, something like that.  They were great!

Mom made me practice maybe not every day, but often.  She wanted me to play piano at church, and when I was around 12, she got her wish.  It may have been with one finger a lot of times, but I began playing around then.  And so did Vickie Jerrells (now Vickery).  Vickie plays the organ (the best I’ve ever heard) and I play the piano.  We have played together at church for many, many years now with some intermittent times of playing with other people.

wish we had one of these at church

ours isn't quite this big

I can see us still playing when we are very old, our hands all gnarled with arthritis, pounding away because we can’t hear, with sour looks on our faces because… well, we’re all old and gnarly.  That’s enough reason to look sour!

13 thoughts on “Piano Lessons

  1. Sarah….have Brenda play the boogie woogie!
    I was 9 years old and begged and begged to take lessons. One day I walked into the grocery store our parents operated and mom said “I have something for you…stick your hand in this bag”. There wasn’t anything in there and she said it’s because your lessons are at Mrs. Jennings house. 🙂 I played for church, the nursing home….but I had to REALLLLLLLLLY practice. My sister takes the lead on the piano……I just wanted to be like her 🙂 Mrs. Jennings always cleaned her house on Saturday and it would always smell of some kind of cleaner. When I think of her – she reminds me of Aunt Bee on the Andy Griffth show.


  2. A story from Jay come to mind here…Some fella Jay works with plays the piano at his church. One morning he played “FAT BOTTOM GIRLS” as a prelude and no one had a clue. I love that song but isn’t that hysterical? Surely it sounds familiar even in church, right? I would’ve totally busted out on that…dancing and singing!!! I think you should try it, B.


    • Sarah, that is hilarious. There is no way I could play that because we have too many kids that would be singing it!! hahahaha The wildest thing I’ve done is run my fingers down the keys like Jerry Lee Lewis. Maybe I should add kicking over the bench… that is AFTER I jump up on it and really pep up “Amazing Grace.”


  3. I love this post. I am an aspiring pianist. I quit lessons back in November and told my teacher I’d be back after the first of the year. I still haven’t gone back. I got a sweet note in the mail from her just today. Maybe I’ll call her tomorrow. Keep teaching. And keep digging.


    • How exciting!! Good for you. I took lessons again after I had my children and had not been playing for a few years. It just takes practice. I have to say this since I read your blog: Don’t be chicken! Call her! 🙂


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