Strange Occurrences

Today I have been totally freaked out all day.  Since the last week or so in March, I have been looking everywhere for the cable to my new writer.  I thought it was in the case when I went to Florida only to find out when we got there that it wasn’t in the case.  The plan was to be ready to write with it and practice up for the big test I’m taking next Friday while I was down there, no rushing, nothing else to occupy my mind.  No dice.  The Dork Queen succeeded in dorking that up.

So when I came home, I looked again.  Cleaned the office.  Looked in the basement that’s full of “stuff.”  Looked through the girls’ toys.  Nada.  So I relented, got on line, and ordered another one, thinking I had accidentally thrown it away.  (Yeah, it gets pretty junky around here sometimes.)  That was Monday night.

Wednesday afternoon the guy delivered it!  Woohoo!  Fast service.  Great.  So this morning was take-it-to-work day.  I get the case with the writer in it from the office; go to the kitchen to pick up the new cable.  When I went to put the new cable in the case, there was my original cable and the cloth to clean my screen (also lost) in the case.  Now, the inside pockets in that case are big; there is no way you could not see that cable in there.  And, besides, I had practically turned it upside down and shaken it when I was in Florida.  The cable and cloth packet were not in there.

So how did that happen?  I am deciding to believe that Kate found it in her toys as she played in here yesterday afternoon, and put them back in my case for me.  How she would know they would go there, I haven’t a clue.  Or why she would even bother putting them in there since she has an allergic reaction to and an aversion for picking up anything is also beyond me.  But that is what I am choosing to believe.  I just wish the ghost Kate had put them in there before I ordered the new cable.

At least I know what the loud noise was I heard a minute ago:  my eggs that I was planning to use to make egg salad boiling dry and exploding.  Jeez!  What a day.

10 thoughts on “Strange Occurrences

  1. I’ve had something similar happen to me about 16 yrs ago with money from a bridal shower…Glad you’re ready to go, and you never know, maybe someone at the test will need a cord and you’ll have an extra!!


    • Oh, I’ve had plenty of things happen like that; lose stuff and find it later. This was in a whole other category! The only person who could have possibly put it in there was Kate. I asked her, and, well, trying to get an answer out of her is a little difficult. She has a great imagination right now. One time it was yes, she found it on the floor right here (middle of the room). The next time it’s no. So I choose yes. Don’t like the alternative. I have discovered a couple of days ago that my outside thermostat that reads in the house is working. Hasn’t been for years. hmmm


  2. I too have had similar things like that happen to me….I just say “thank ya Jesus” and know He is there even in the small stuff watching out for me.


  3. HA! Just another day in the life of Brenda! Very odd. Will baffle you for some time I’m sure! but the eggs, now that is another story! LOL


  4. OMG Brenda I really think we are related!!! I can not count the times I have drove myself and my family crazy looking for that “thing” I know I have…….somewhere!! I will do one of two things… 1. I will praise the Lord because He helped me find it…usually in one of the first places I had looked! 2. I will do as you and buy a new”thing” and save myself a little sanity for another episode of “I know I have it, I just can’t find it!”


  5. I am reading about this phenomenon more and more. Some people call it a parallel universe, if you want to venture into far-out thinking. Whatever it is, it is weird and a little unsettling. Gives one something to think about. 🙂


  6. People who know me know I’ve had some really awesome experiences with the paranormal which includes God, the spiritual world. I’m more apt to believe my little, and big, occurrences are caused by those kinds of energy than a parallel universe. But I am also probably the only person who believes there is life besides us out in the vast universe. Amazes me, really, that we have no idea what is waaaaay out there, yet we are so quick to believe no life could exist. Could be it’s just in a different form than we are.


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