Found this blog in my foraging escapade and have contacted Angel to see about reblogging it. I have discovered that her father passed away just in the last couple of days, so know that she has been overwhelmed, and understand why no response. The reblog option lets me post it to my site, and I do so with the request for prayer for this lovely lady in a time of heartache and distress.

When I was a little girl I loved to wear an apron.  I remember the feeling of tying an old apron around my waist.  The ties were so long they wrapped back around in front and tied in a bow.  I would ask my mom if I could clean.  Of course she whole-heartedly agreed to that proposition.  I would load my large apron pockets with necessary cleaning supplies, and my cleaning would last about 8 minutes.  Or less.  There was a novelty in wearing the ap … Read More

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