Oh, man, I have a terrible cold.  I’m sick and in need of chicken soup, a nice hot bowl of home-made chicken noodle soup.  That sounds so good.  And to be served in bed (because, after all, I still do not have a dining table and chairs).  My eyes are all itchy, and my head hurts from my neck up.  And now, tonight, I’ve started this croupy cough.  Did I mention I’m sick and don’t feel a bit good?

milk tomato soup

When I was small, my mom would make milk-tomato soup.  It sounds pretty nasty now, but that was the best soup ever on those days you had to lay on the couch you were so sick; you couldn’t even get up and play.  I have never been able to make it like Mom, and am disappointed that I let her move to Heaven without getting that recipe down.  She always made it with her home-canned tomatoes… and… milk, I guess. 

I can still remember her rocking me and wiping my forehead with a damp cloth.  It was just so warm and cozy to be in the dark living room looking in at the lighted kitchen as Mom went about making supper in the winter evening.  Mmmm.  Milk-tomato soup with crackers.

I need my Mommy.