cardboard house

Yesterday, as I was getting dressed in the bathroom, I looked over toward the hallway door, and there sat a house in my hallway!

For two weeks now I’ve been waiting to get the floor in my living room finished.  The corner spot is all filled in with the new wood, ready to be sanded and polished to perfection with the rest of the wood flooring in that room.

So in the meantime my furnitureless, bare room has been turned into a big play area.  Kohl’s had this really neat cardboard house on sale after Christmas (a find on one of my many shopping expeditions with my sister) ($12) so I set it up in the garage, but moved it to the living room/temporary play room when it got super cold, and since there is nothing in that room.  The girls love it!!  And, well, so do I.

After much playing house in it, setting up tables and chairs, arranging the flowers, even getting the little “car” in there,

looking through the window

the house has turned into a camper, a mobile home, a mobile house on wheels slick floor.  My floors are waxed (until the refinishing) (yippee! no more waxing!) so the house slides really well.  Being a cardboard house, it’s light weight and rather fragile, especially with Ava, the bull in a china shop, so occasionally I have to do a little carpentry work and duct tape a few pieces torn off or clip back together the pieces coming apart.

Kate opening the door to visitors

All said and done, it’s been worth every penny of the $12 I spent on it.