Our Little Import

As I was heading off to bed, my computer yelled at me.  I swear it did.  It’s right across the hall from my bedroom, so I get the sweet glow from its little face after I tuck it in and say goodnight… only tonight I was tired and wasn’t planning on tucking it in for the evening.  But here we sit, looking at each other, good buddies that we are, and it (my computer needs a name) was telling me about all my friends and neighbors and acquaintances, via facebook.

One in particular is the little import to our town.  A few weeks ago, in January, I had seen our little import helping to wash the Christmas off the windows of some of the store fronts along our Main Streets.  We have two:  one-way streets that start on the east side of a grass and gravel mall going north then loop around the courthouse to go back to the south on the west side of the same “mall.”  Daren, my brother-in-law, who comes from the city (at least to we who live in a small, small town) had heard about the mall from his girlfriend at the time, my sis-in-law, and upon his maiden voyage to this little borough, was looking for the mall, planning on doing a little shopping, I guess.  To his amazement, the mall consisted of a bunch of grass and a nice, big, graveled parking area; three large sections to be exact with some beautiful tulip trees lining both sides of the southern section, a bandstand on the grassy northern section, and the parking lot in the middle.

So it was on the east side of the mall, up the street (being north) from the post office, that I noticed Karen cleaning windows.  And I was impressed.  She has come here from another big city (once again in relation to our town) (hardly what a true city dweller would actually call a city though) and has embraced our town and made it her own.  So tonight, my computer was telling me (via facebook) that she had attended a Valentine gathering at one of the local churches.  That girl is all over the place!  Just a few months ago she had dressed up and participated in a play to raise money for a good cause.

She has brought our little community together with a facebook page about our town.  Old and new pictures are posted, community events are listed along with where and when they are to take place, people looking for folks from the past are asking for help in the search, and history of the area is discussed and cherished.  We are actually reaching out and touching… without actually reaching out and touching.  And it’s been good.  Good for our town, and good for me.

My appreciation has grown over the past few months for these servants and lovers of our community.  I could name several, but Karen sticks out in my mind as an import turned homey, a gal that gives and cares.  Thanks, girlfriend.

3 thoughts on “Our Little Import

  1. What a wonderful Valentines Surprise! I wish I could take credit for the windows but I can’t…I can take rest of it tho:) Moving from the “Big City” to Shawneetown, I had my head stuck in the sand for a year, then I met Cindy Decker & Diana Koerber, who changed my life as I knew it. My motto is You can’t complain if you don’t get involved!
    I’m really touched by a great story!


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