By Brenda Byassee for the Wedding of Wes and Amanda, 2001

Written as a Tribute to the Marriage of Jack and Charlene Martin


Commitment begins like a spring,

Bubbling gently from the deep recesses of our souls.

It’s that first awareness of love,

A little frightening yet exhilarating.

The first look of recognition as your eyes meet across the room.

It’s that first decision in your heart.


Commitment ever so slowly rises to the surface,

And pools there,

Prodding, pushing, moving, changing

From that first bubbling of the spring into a beautiful pond.


It’s the knowledge that she’s the one;

That certainty that you want to share the rest of your life with him;

That feeling of deep caring and passion;

The seeking of God’s will and God’s ways.

The ripples in the pond of commitment

Stretch and test its boundaries

Causing the growth of a deeper, fuller lake:

Honor, respect, enduring love, forgiving heart, pride in each other.


And so it goes with commitment,

Until one day its ocean waves

Tell the story of those promises kept, trials met,  joys felt,

Love unfolded.


The waves rise strong and fierce

Remembering when two became one.

They pound with passion

Roaring their presence.


Then, settling into a steady, rhythmic roll,

They move swiftly, overlapping,

So busy in their journey:

Children, jobs, conflicts.


Until, finally, they wash gently ashore

As the stronger cares for the weaker,

No longer remembering

There once was two.

Our Wedding Day

October 17

To James On Our Wedding Day

By Brenda Byassee

And so the morning dawned,
breaking into day.
The music with its melody
had a thousand things to say.
It started with a timid tune,
an underlying current,
of whispered joy and promises.
Nothing could deter it.
The beat became a steady one –
the hushed chords growing stronger
until the song of love sang out,
and they were two no longer.

the happy bride

the happy groom

“There were bells on the hill,
but I never heard them ringing.
No, I never heard them at all…
Till there was you.
There was love all around
But I never heard it singing…
Till there was you.”

our first kiss as Mr. and Mrs.