I So Want An Oreo

Little Kate learning to eat Oreos correctly

Did you know that Oreos are full of fat?  I was totally crushed to find out just how much fat was in a package one Oreo.  I am in love with them.  And tonight I am craving them… with milk, of course.

But, alas, my milk is sour and my fat quotient for the day is already waaaaay past the legal limit.  The tush needs toning, the legs need leaning, and the tummy needs trimming.

it's not fair!!!!

Besides, those dark chocolate (my favorite kind of chocolate) crunchy outsides would probably get soft and mushy fairly quickly… unless I ate them all tonight.  And that delicious, creamy center would give me cavities… unless I brushed and flossed right after eating the whole package cookie.  Also, I don’t have any fresh milk to dip those delicious cookies.  Dolores?  Where are you?


Um, I’ve got to go.  To the, um, bathroom.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.  The bathroom.  Not the store.  No, to the bedroom… I mean bathroom.  “Where’s my purse?”