My favorite croc back in the news!!

Where has the time gone?!  I start these posts, have to quit for whatever reason, and then it’s a month or more before I get back to it.

Lolong 2013

For the past couple of years I’ve been keeping up with the antics and adventures of Lolong, my favorite crocodile.  Even though he did eat several people!

So on occasion I would write about what was going on in the big thug’s life: his burst into stardom, how good he would look as a pair of boots, or even what a tasty meal he would make.

But today is sad news.  Lolong is dead!!  Of course, that is actually old news (this post was started on Feb. 11) but what you may not know is that he lives on!

Stuffed, of course.

The Megastar Lolong

Lolong in his new digs

How would you like to come eyeball to eyeball with this big thug?  After a man and a girl went missing in the Philippines, the townspeople captured this huge croc, who they dubbed Lolong.

I wrote about him a while back in Taking Advantage of Great Opportunities.  And just today here he is again… in the news as a superstar.  With his own digs.  And a great following.

Probably licking his chops at all the tasty-looking morsels lined up to get his picture.

Let’s hope he doesn’t escape as the two chimpanzees did in South Africa, mauling a Texas grad student.  After all, Lolong already knows how fresh humans taste.