Blog Baby

One of my favorite blogs (which is now defunct due to some apparent nasty comments or emails to the blog author that upset her to the point of forfeiting her blog writing) (such a shame because she was really good, too) had a blog one day that put her on the Freshly Pressed page.  I will never make that page.  Not just because I don’t write well enough or am not quite interesting enough but because when they sent me the little popup question “Would you recommend Word Press?” I inadvertently put never instead of yes, of course.  Which I would by the way.  It’s very easy to maneuver around on; they give great tutorials, and have a great help page.  But in my haste, only reading a smidgeon of the question, which I am want to do quite frequently, I checked the wrong box.

So I know that is why I will never be Freshly Pressed.  It has absolutely nothing to do with my boring blog or my lack of good taste or my rambling, unfocused content.

Back to my original thought before that stinking rabbit came along that I had to chase.  Another thing I do quite often:  chase stinking rabbits.  That is why I can’t get anything accomplished in a timely manner, finished completely.  I go to another room… and there is a stinking rabbit!!  My life is exhausting.  Those stinking rabbits run in circles, you know, so I must run in circles as well.

On to the blog of one of my favorite bloggers:  she wrote about the fact that her blog is her baby.  I could so relate!  Although I am better now, I still come in and check to see if there are any comments, how many hits I’ve had that day, if I can change my blog’s little clothes (heading photo), or just talk to the little darling via a post.  It’s kind of neat having a blog baby (her title).

Mine will probably never grow up because I try to keep it short and sweet, although occasionally it throws a tantrum by way of Brenda the Blogger.   It’s just a little dose of a little something to give you a break in the day.  No big thinking here; just interacting… that is, if you comment.

So enjoy your evening or your day and give my little baby blog a bottle (comment).  Or not.

Mission Statement

an apron gift from my good friend Dolores

The apronsandappetites Mission Statement:

1.  Write about what interests me or catches my attention or someone suggests or what I cook from my magazine recipes (I have to laugh at this one… but I really am going to do that on a regular basis soon… still laughing) or an old story or friends or…

2.  Bring a smile to someone’s face or provoke a deep thought or nudge a lighthearted one or renew memories or change a point of view or create empathy/sympathy or…

3.  Never think that because I write a blog that I am a real writer.  Perchance some real words worth reading on occasion may make their way into this little blog, but may I never perceive that as the true gift of being able to write.

4.  Enjoy myself and perhaps bring joy to others; bare my soul and perhaps bring the encouragement for others to do the same; leave a piece of me in cyberspace and bring those who comment along with me.

5.  Write on a semi-regular basis with the hope that people read on a semi-regular basis and maybe even comment on a lesser semi-regular basis (only because I know you won’t all the time, my goal).