It’s Apron Time!

This is so us... especially the loud part

Taxes are done.  Test for work (that I bombed by the way) is out of the way.  The flower beds are beginning to take on a little shape.  And this week I’m going to tackle the tremendous amount of tantalizing and tasty-looking recipes staring at me from the box in my office.  I have occasionally taken one or two out with a big whim of getting started with my Julie/Julia-Mommas/Magazines endeavor only to put them back after letting them lie around on the desk for a couple of days.

But tomorrow…  I cook.  Bake and cook to be more specific.  I’ve got the camera out and ready to shoot.  I am going to make Easter cookies that were inspired by Pink Martinis and Pearls.  I’m so excited!   I’m quite sure mine will not be as beautiful as hers.

With which apron should I start off?

I love these fun aprons!

The red and orange is a half apron.  The other two are full body.  I also have two new ones; one from Dolores and one from Darla.  They are so cool and fun.  Pics of them tomorrow too.

I’ll have to put on some make-up.