Being me

small-town girl (oops) woman living in Southern Illinois.   a proud Gigibiker chick (mine has streamers from the handlebars).   florist wannabeauthor (oh yeah, I have a blog, baby).   friend and foeofficial court reporterinsomniacreadergardenervessel of hopelaughing fooljust plain ol’ foolnovice photographer (Occasionally I get a really good one).  pounder of piano keys (sometimes I tickle them)lover of Jesus the Christ.

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you will not see the shadows.” Helen Keller

12 thoughts on “Being me

  1. Oh my goodness Brenda. I am so excited about your webpage. I can’t wait to go on this journey with you. Your blog was so very well written & I am looking forward to many more to come. It is awesome to see you walking out your dreams & allowing us to share in that with you. Congratulations! Just think we might someday be reading one of your books @ book club.


  2. After your retirement from being an OCR, I can see that you’ve got a full-time position just waiting, spinning all your yarns into best-sellers!!! Wow! You, go, Girl!!


  3. Brenda, thanks ever so much for sharing the article about Our precious Jesus “donning an apron” we had our retreat last weekend and I had picked a mini session about aprons – headed in a whole different direction, but I found that article I had printed a while back and I ran with it!!! It was a big hit! That article and Jesus’ humbleness to serve His disciples brought new meaning to the Last Supper for me and others! Sorry I didn’t know about your blog before – BUT I do now. Thanks for serving Him by sharing!!!!


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