Apronsandappetites came to fruition after years of saving recipes out of magazines.  It was first going to be called Magazine Menus.  I had big plans of inviting different friends over to sample all the different dishes (on my beautiful new white plates) (that I have yet to buy).  Sort of a small-town Julie/Julia:  Mommas/Magazines with iced tea.  But that just didn’t really encompass exactly what I wanted from a personal blog.  I wanted more than trying all the recipes.  I wanted… well, life.

For about ten years now my life has been in a sort of hiatus.  Lots of stuff that can wait for another time to tell.  I feel like a butterfly in a cocoon breaking out into light.  And I want to do everything!  My appetite is waaaaay bigger than just a meal made from magazine recipes.  Wala!!!  The Appetites.

What goes better with big appetites than a great apron?  I love aprons.  I love the stories behind aprons.  I love the way they feel, the way they look, their secrets.  They’re like a good book, one you stay up all night to read or loathe to have to put down till another day.  I want to share some of those great aprons and apron stories with you, and I want you to share yours with me.  Aprons aren’t just for keeping clothes protected… they’re all about personalities, life situations, and love.

My name is Brenda, and I have to tell you right up front:  I’m a little different.  Ellen Degeneres had a hilarious phone call from a little woman who said, “I love Jesus, but I still drink a little whiskey every now and then.”  Or words to that effect.  So if you love Jesus (I do) and you’re not afraid to be in touch with the earthy you (or offended by the earthy me) then please join me… and enjoy my journey.