I Miss…



I miss my mom.  Even though she was 90 and had lived a good, long life, sometimes I want to just have a little sit-down like we did those last few years of her life.  Those years when she was forced to sit still.  Those years after she had fallen so many times she finally let us help; she finally laid it down.

Of course, it wasn’t long after that she took up residence in her new, finer home:  heaven.



I miss my dad.  There are so many times, after all these years that he has been gone, I still think, “I’ll ask Dad about that.”  We finally got to know him better those last months when we were staying round the clock with him, taking turns caring for him.  Enjoying his stories, the time with him, the good moments.  Like Mom, he didn’t care to live in this realm after he got really down, not able to care for himself.

He moved, too, soon after we started that round-the-clock care.

Where's my cigar?

Where’s my cigar?

I miss being a child.  We strive so hard, and seems so long, to become an “adult.”  My grandchildren are doing that right now.  How I would love to go back and walk on that hot, gooey pavement up the hill to play with friends again, run around and catch lightening bugs (at least that’s what we called them), get excited over things that I don’t seem to get so excited about anymore.  Look forward to going back to grade school in the fall as Kate is.  She is excited about going back this year.  She’s ready for it just as I was when I was her age.I Miss

I miss making pizza, Chef Boyardee in the box, with my sister and brother on Saturdays and eating ice cream, New York Vanilla.  I can’t count how many half gallons we ate of that delicious ice cream.  There is no ice cream that good anymore.  Covered in chocolate syrup.  There were a few perks to being children of the owners of a grocery store.  I can’t eat ice cream like that anymore.  Not unless I want to buy new clothes all the time.

I miss things I’ve lost, friends I haven’t seen or talked to in a while or have moved on like my mom and dad, stamina, seeing without glasses…

the list goes on and on.

What do you miss?

2 thoughts on “I Miss…

  1. Thanks for taking me back….., I miss moms cooking, miss my mind not working as quick as it used to, (I can’t say what Dave said he missed) 😆


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