Not the BUS!!!

Kate has been wanting to ride the bus for a long, long time.  Since our county K-12 school sits out in the middle of nowhere, trying to center it in the county, everyone has to ride the bus to and from school or has to be taken and picked up by family.  So my daughter and I have always taken my precious baby girl to school and always picked her up.  She’s only in first grade, so we have been doing this for about three years, from Pre-K to now.

Last year she started wanting to ride the bus.  In kindergarten!!!  She is definitely a free spirit and loves new experiences, but those bus kids learn all sort of things when they ride the bus.  And I did not want her learning all those things.

Kate's first bus day

Kate’s first bus day

But she has been insisting, so her Momma finally gave in.  She gets to ride the bus home from school.

I got to be at the house her first bus trip home because her Momma had a doctor’s appointments or something.  It gave me a great opportunity to get those first bus trip photos.


If you look really, really closely underneath all the glare, you will see the reason I am not worried about my precious cargo riding the bus: her bus driver, Lisa.

Do you see that happy smiling face?

Can you tell how competent and caring she is just by looking at that pretty lady?

Do you think she’s laughing at me for taking pictures of my granddaughter getting off the bus?


Kate definitely was not laughing at me for taking pictures of her getting off the bus.  As a matter of fact, I think I will probably be banned from future first-time events.

Kate not looking too happy about Gigi in the middle of the road taking pics.

Kate not looking too happy about Gigi in the middle of the road taking pics.

But… she loves her Gigi and doesn’t stay embarrassed too long.  I got a big hug after this sprint from the bus trip home.


She sits with a big girl at the front of the bus.  We are right there to meet her when she gets off.

I guess it will be okay.

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