My Fairly Odd Family

Ava as a, um, uh, well, I’m not sure

In looking through some photos I’ve taken over the year, I have come to realize that we are a bit of an odd bunch.

This is Ava with her purse and glasses and crown and baby.  She strolled Baby Baldy all over the house in that get-up.

Wes and Owen on beach

I can only say, “Please, God, do not let anyone be looking at the ghost on the beach.”  “And even more important… do not let anyone realize it belongs to us!

Cousin Sandy can play Twister all by herself

Cousin Sandy?  Don’t even ask.

And the gypsy lady?  I can’t imagine who that is, but I know she’s definitely odd.  Ask anyone in town.

We have all kinds of personalities and all kinds of weirdness and all kinds of drama and all kinds of skeletons that refuse to stay in the closet.

But the really really odd thing is…

So does everyone else!!!


The gypsy lady

who is this big-nosed girl?

You talkin’ about MY nose?




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