Summer Fun

Keely, Ava, and Kate

Last year at this time the pool was empty awaiting the paint that never came, the paint I sent the (unbeknownst to me) evil son (I thought it was the good son) to pick up and deliver back home to begin the morning painting.  How that evil son can take over the good son’s body and mind like that (never made it home with the paint) (only came home after many cell phone calls) has boggled my own mind for many years now.  The hope is that someday the good son will be the constant victor!!

This year the pool has been opened since May and we have so been enjoying it.  The girls are already brown as biscuits.  And still skinnydipping!!  Although Kate has finally seen the need to wear her suit… and even clothing!  I am very proud of her.

happy swimmers:  Kate, Keely, Ava

P. S.  Since this year has thrown me of course just a tad, I am late getting my birthday gnome out to his rightful owner.  Last year’s gnome was such fun, I am going to do one every year.  Give one away that is so you can start your own birthday gnome fun.  I am going to pick a name out of the people who follow my blog (actually I have a web site that does that for me–I just add the names–they pick) and either mail it to you (if you will send me your address) or drop it by your house.

Nothing like a little summer fun!

One thought on “Summer Fun

  1. Beautiful swimmers you have there! We are still trying to get our water clear, it’s super cloudy this year. Maybe by August…


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