The Nudist Pool is Open

The first dip in the pool

The grandgirls (actually Kate) talked me into letting them get in the pool.  It was a nice day, sunny, and so after explaining that they would freeze their buhineys off, I relented and pulled back the solar cover a little bit.

Of course, I don’t have all the pool paraphernalia out yet, so they just shucked the clothes and ran around in their favorite attire:  nothing.  Although this year Kate actually wanted a bathing suit!!  I’m so happy!

Ava put on her Dora life vest all ready to get in as well.  The pool steps are as far as she got because it was this cold:


She would valiantly sit on the side with her little feet in the freezing water.  Then she would venture so far as to stand up and walk down the ladder… actually touched the bottom of the pool once with one little foot before coming back out.  Then she would go to the deck box and get out a different life vest and some floaties.  This was pretty much her afternoon of swimming:

She will definitely NOT drown.

Kate, on the other hand, could have stayed in there all day.  She is one tough cookie.  Ava begged and begged for me to get in the pool and hold her hand.  I finally talked her into a compromise:

$1.49 at the end of summer last year. Worth every penny!

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