What’s On Your Car?

This past week I was having a conversation with my fellow court personnel.  We were discussing the phone our court security officer had left on the top of his car as he had driven for quite awhile around town.  When he stopped and got out, he noticed it.  Still right where he had left it; right above the door.  He is convinced it was the Otterbox cover that kept it from slipping off.

it has a gripper back!

So that got us to remembering all the things we had either seen on vehicles driving down the road or that we had personally placed on our own vehicles before we drove on down the road.

all by its lonesome

The clerk said she had put a banana on her car top and that she was sure there were quite a few people wondering what kind of statement she was making… or that she had, in fact, finally gone bananas.

There were, of course, the “normal” car toppers:  coffee holders, various drinks, food items,  sacks of stuff (from trash to good), purses, kids’ shoes.  I perused the internet a little this evening trying to find some interesting stories.  The only one I could find was a cop having sex on the car.  No one would admit to such a thing in our conversation the other day… but I have my suspicions.

That discussion proceeded to things people find along the roadways.  One person has found over 500 tools that he found on the highways!!  He said once you spot one, it’s easy to start seeing them.  Sort of like mushroom hunting, maybe?  Morel hunting is always a springtime activity around this area with no one giving up the “secret” hunting spot.  I haven’t done any morel hunting in awhile; think I will start highway hunting instead.

So… what’s on your car?


5 thoughts on “What’s On Your Car?

  1. I know of a court reporter – she didn’t have anything on top of her car, but she would drive around with dead people’s arms ( as far as I knew at the time the person was dead) hanging out her car door and scare the living daylights out of people.


  2. I left my checkbook on top of the car after getting gas at the gas station. I drove back and found it smack-dab in the middle of State Routes 45 and 13. It looked dangerous because of all that traffic zooming past from every direction. It was not an easy thing to retrieve, but I am a smart, intelligent adult and came up with a plan. I had one of the boys (sons) hop out of the back seat and fetch it.
    PS. Smack Dab has the same origin as living daylights.


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