My Grandpa Was A Hunk Too!

Paw and Granny, Churnie, Harry, and Bub

This was probably taken around 1927.  My dad is the first child in front of my hunky grandpa.  Granny was a little cutie, too.

I didn’t think either one of them was much to look at when I was a tot going down to Paw and Granny’s for Christmas with the rest of the cousins.  Granny was just the cook, and Paw was just a good-natured grandpa.  But as I look at the pictures of their younger days, well, they were downright handsome folk.

Farmers and grocers and traders by heart; lovers of family and children and fun by soul; and entrepreneurs by mind.  They come from the ancient Scottish Rutherford clan as well as the ancient Scott clan through Rhoda Scott, my granny.



8 thoughts on “My Grandpa Was A Hunk Too!

  1. I love seeing pics of when people were in their prime, so to speak. I have a black and white head shot of my dad from the 20’s when he came out to Hollywood and one of my mom when she was 21 in the 30’s. I brought out her photo when she was 85 to show her new ‘beau’ and he barley looked at it and said she is still a beautiful woman today. I learned a big lesson from that one statement.

    Thanks for being part of the cupcakes give-away. It’s always nice to have you visit. xoxo. 🙂


  2. I’ve never seen this picture. Dad’s not in it so I assume he wasn’t born yet. Everyone, me included, thinks Ginnie looks like Granny but l can’t believe how much I look like her in this picture.


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