Today is January 19.  That same day in 1970 a baby boy was born.  And today he would have been 42 years old.  Here’s to remembering a great guy!

Truly a man among men!

All these photos came out of scrapbooks I had made several years ago.  Hope the backgrounds and the extra feet, etc., don’t distract.

We had a great time that year.

I love this picture. Look at those beautiful eyes!!

JJ and Daren

I miss you.

ah, that sweet smile


SUCH a stinker!!

And what more can I say?

15 thoughts on “Remembering

  1. BB…..Thanks.for sharing…. We miss him. I can still see his smile. Will never forget him always addressing you as MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE. He truly loved you as you did him. Love to you.


    • Oh, my, Gail, I don’t know if I would ever be ready for that again!! Probably no one would have this old contrary female anyway. hahaha I don’t think it’s my faith; I’ve been pretty hateful with God. Probably more His mercy that sees me through, and loving kindness.


  2. I remember the days……we all were so close and one big family. They all came for “tea” and to wrestle and break down the beds. All of the beds were on the floor or on concrete blocks! I loved all of them being at my home. I was the Cool-Aid Mom……’I think of it often…
    May God Bless You today With An Abundance Of Precious Memories and Love…


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