2012 — Tying Up Loose Ends

The new year is here; the hectic pace of the last two months has slowed; it’s time to reflect, finish up the started-yet-unfinished projects, plan and initiate the new goals for this year.

My list to start off the year:

A great big THANK YOU to all those who read my blog.  I thank those who have just stopped by while passing through in their search for their intended subject and those who follow me faithfully, sometimes waiting days and even weeks for a new post.  You have lifted my spirit this past year!

Star-gazing!  The Quadrantid Meteor Shower is here!  Click on the purple words to get the full article and the how-tos for viewing your first meteor shower of the year.  Start the year out with something different, a spectacular, free sky show!  Forfeit a night’s sleep to get in on this awesome, powerful, delightful event.

Sugar Cookie Recipe from Christmas with the Cuties:

sugar cookie recipe

Sorry about the quality but I’m in a bit of a hurry.  As usual.  (sigh)  This is an excellent recipe, by the way.  Great taste!

Gingerbread House:

Decorating the house

We bought a kit but had to wait till after Christmas to decorate.  The month was fraught with “stuff” that wasn’t conducive to making a gingerbread house.  That didn’t matter to us.  It’s all about the making and eating while you make it.

My little artiste

The girls had a big, big fun time.  Kate was specific about which side was hers.  As you can see, Ava’s and my side needs a little, um, something.

Kate's side!

The girls each had their picture made with the side they decorated.  Kate, of course, made sure I didn’t confuse her side with Ava’s.  I don’t think she thought Ava’s was all that great.

Cheesing Ava's side!

Ava is just so funny right now in the picture-taking department.  In all her poses, it’s obvious that she is saying “cheeeeeese!”  I have laughed so hard at her cheesy pics.  If you didn’t get a chance to look at Christmas with the Cuties, go there now.  Ava cheesing for her pig is just too funny.

Our final posing session:

Ava spies Kate posing...

my budding models

We haven’t gotten around to making the gingerbread pocket for the red aprons… but that will get done this week.

So I’m a little behind schedule.  I’ve decided that’s okay.  I’m getting ‘er done… at my pace.

My final year-starter activity:

apronsandappetites first contest is here.  You will get the details tomorrow, but in the meantime be making your 2012 goals.

4 thoughts on “2012 — Tying Up Loose Ends

  1. Your recipe is similar to the one I use. I found it years ago in a blue ribbon cookbook I have. I like to make reindeer and trees and decorate for Christmas. Also make oversized hearts for valentine’s day. I used to make the hearts and put my associate’s name on a heart and give them at work. I like one for breakfast. I always made them when Buff was little. And I would invite Debbie Cox over because her mom didnt’ bake. Debbie told me , when she was in her 30’s , that she appreciated so much being included in baking/decorating because she would have missed out on that. aaahhhh so sweet to tell me that. We never know how we might make a difference in a child’s life! Sometime add a tsp. of nutmeg to your cookie dough, Brenda. YUMMMMMM I LOVE your blog and I miss it when you don’t write!!


  2. All those cheesey pics will be good memories in the years to come. Keep up the writing. I look forward to reading all your little stories with the girls….


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