Living the Good Life

I actually made a salad!

Home fries -- very tasty

My tired buhiney is sitting down for a minute after a long, arduous day of cleaning house and working on transcripts.  My head was pounding, but all it took to fix it was a couple of Excedrin and a short, little lie-down.  The short little lie-down has my pace slowed a bit, so decided to look through some of my pictures.  Then decided to share them with you!  All that deciding has really tired me out!

In keeping with my blog motivator, I actually cooked last week.  Since I’m starving right now, these pictures got to be first.

a piece of the fruit of my arduous labor

The new flocked tree was decorated with whatever was in the big plastic container I dragged in from the garage.  It was pretty just with the lights and flocking.

the girls with our new puppets

The glare from the piano is, of course, me with the camera.  Jeez. The smiling little munchkins are, of course, my sweet grandgirls.

my just scrubbed grandduck

There is nothing that makes life good like having children around, whether they belong to me or someone else.  Today I talked to two of the girls who used to come over when they were in town at their grandma’s and play dress up.  Now they are in college; one going to graduate next year.

The fun of posting pictures of the family, silly pictures, and waiting on them to find them, just brings a smile to my face.  Except when they are silly pictures of me.  I can’t see why that would be one bit enjoyable or make anyone feel good.  So please, I beg you, don’t post any.  Please, please.

worn out family from partying all day on the farm

Living the good life may not be the same to everyone.  And it changes from time to time for me as well.  Getting things accomplished, even when I have to give up a trip to the cookie walk, makes me feel good.  Knowing that Excedrin is the best headache medicine of all time is fantastic.  Having food in my house and being able to still enjoy playing makes me feel great.  Celebrating the birth of Jesus the Christ with a lovely tree, well, that’s just good stuff.

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