The Cure for Down Days

cousins after a hard day of playing

I can remember these days… back many moons ago.  Playing hard all day long, coming in to get a bath, then sitting down with a snack to watch tv.  Mine was usually a big bowl of New York Vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate and then swirled with a spoon till it looked like the soft chocolate ice cream of today.

Dairy Brand Ice Cream

Here are from left, Sam, Owen, Maci, Ava, and Kate.  Leader of the pack Jack was sitting in the big people’s recliner next to Sam.  This pic is from the trip to Kansas City early in November for the fall party Owen’s and Maci’s Daddy and Mommy held at their little farm.

It’s about five acres, just enough for two cows to be fed hay, a chicken coop, a fat cat, and two dogs.

Either Dora or Diego guarding the chickens

The kids had a great time tormenting the chickens.  If they laid for the month of November, I would be surprised.  It was a great adventure traipsing through the chicken poop in the coop.  Kate wore her Southern belle dress with the hoop skirt all day with her big long sword stuck down the back through the belt of the dress.  It was hysterical.  From the front she looked all prim and proper; when she turned around to run off, there was that big sword in her dress.

The three boys and Kate found all sorts of neat, secret stuff that weekend.  They had a clubhouse down in the dry creek bed.  There were villains galore to fight with their swords.  There wasn’t much time for fighting amongst themselves since they were so busy fighting imaginary bad guys and hanging out in the secret hang-out spot.  By the time evening rolled around and they all had baths, they were ready for a little S&T, snack and tube.

Nothing like being around kids to make one forget bad memories, to remember that life goes on, and to put a smile on a face.


One thought on “The Cure for Down Days

  1. It does bring back memories!! How I wish my kids could have experienced a day on the “farm” at my Granny Smith’s house in Golconda. When we were kids, we all had our trips to Granny’s for a few days and had a blast!!! What beautiful memories you all are making for your grandkids!!


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