Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair!


First of all, I want you to notice how cool and un-sweaty Rapunzel is.  Now, look at all that hair.  Keep these things in mind because later on you will need to refer back to these little tidbits of observation.  There is not one single sweat bead on that gal.

Rapunzel's court

waiting on Rapunzel

All the little children got to stand around the big stone table in Rapunzel’s court and color her picture while they waited on her arrival.

chatting it up with Rapunzel

Kate and Ava are enthralled!


Rapunzel and all the other princesses as well as Goofy, Pluto a/k/a Pooto in Ava-ese, Minnie, Mickey, all of them,  were just too neat.  How in the world they stayed so nice in that hot, humid weather is amazing.  But each one took time with the children, talking to them, giving them undivided attention.

Kate and Ava with one of their favorite characters

Kate just cracks me up the way she leans into all the characters and looks like she is totally in love.  Ava is just as funny with her teeth-clenching smile.  Well, she is two, and that is the age they start trying to smile and totally screw it up.  So for the next year or so I’m sure we will have all sorts of weird facial expressions as she works on her smiling technique.

Notice Rapunzel is still dry as toast!  Not one teeny tiny trickle running down from that heavy hair.

In the big teacup

Remember how cool Rapunzel looked?  This pic of the girls in the teacup is how we looked all week: sweaty, shiny faces; sweaty, shiny creases in Ava’s elbows; sweaty, wet hair; droopy, wet, sweaty clothes.  And they were riding in the stroller!  So you can just imagine what I, the Gigi with shorts to her knees and a cami top to emphasize my granny flab-arms and tennis shoes and hair in a pony tail, looked like.  Especially on the day I was laboring to push that stinkin’ stroller with the brake on!

The question that I just can’t seem to answer, the mystery that eludes me, is how do those people in character stay so perky?  So dry?  So dull versus sweaty shine?  Mini battery-operated fans inserted in their clothes?  Disney only hires non-sweaters?

I’m going to Google this.

3 thoughts on “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair!

  1. Great story ….great little girls….and all about the sweat….I cant imagine. I sweat sitting in church with a paper fan swishing back and forth…..have to wipe the sweat so I can see thru the glasses to see if the preacher is still up there oh yea I can hear him……..how in the world do they keep the sweat down…..NO SALT …for sure….you go ahead and google this…..let us know…..but keep the Kate and Ava stories coming. I love them


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