Workin’ the Dirt

I think I did more work than Kate did

Kate and I were out planting and digging and got very dirty.  When we came in, we compared feet to see who got the dirtiest.  She says she did.  I think I did.  I even got a blister on my baby piggy!  I don’t know how that happened because I was wearing flipflops.  We used to call those thongs when I was little, but now if you say you wore thongs to the store, people look at you kind of funny.

I had to take the bottom to prove she was dirtier

Ah, feet.  Some of the most useful things around.

4 thoughts on “Workin’ the Dirt

  1. No wonder that little darlin’ is always at her Gig’s! Dress up’s, playing, cooking, gardening….and no wonder you can’t get anything done….you are right in the middle of it! :0


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