Living It Up In ‘Louie

Thursday afternoon I came to St. Louis (okay– Fairview Heights — but it’s close to St. Louie) and have been here ever since.  We had a reporter seminar that was a must attend, then there was the visit to my son after that, and then there was (drumroll) (horns) (fanfare) SHOPPING.

So far I have only made it to Kohl’s and the hotel bar (free drink coupon).  The plan was to snag an orthopedist or optomologist or oral surgeon or whatever dentists do because there was, I thought, a dental seminar going on Friday and Saturday.  I did meet a very nice young man who is serving our country in the military who explained all sorts of top secret stuff to me (it sounded top secret).  Plus he said he would never have guessed I was old — well, actually he said he never would have guessed it after I told him how old I was.  So, of course, the little darling will always be close to my heart even though I have no idea what his name is.  But I do know he has some Indian blood in him and he hails from California.  Actually, I know a whole lot more but, as I said, I’m pretty certain it is top secret.

I am totally in love with Kohl’s.  The thought of taking a picture of all my purchases and then meticulously detailing how much I saved ran through my mind, and I would probably have done it if I had brought my camera.  Such a shame.  The sweet little gal at the store, Brittany, let me scratch off two cards, so I got 20% off instead of 15%.  I am giving her a great review on the little survey thingie they want me to fill out.   She and I both love children and oohed and aahed over the shoes I got Ava.  She spent a fortune on her nephew’s sixth birthday!  Such a sweet little thing whom I shall forever hold dear to my bosom.  She was so helpful and kind even though I had brought only one shoe from the shoe department and had taken the tag off of it (well, it was a display model).

Tomorrow before I leave I have to hit Macy’s (coupon from the paper) and Hobby Lobby (coupon on line) and maybe Joann Fabric (half off coupon).  Then it’s hightail it home in time to go to the birthday party for little Charlotte Anne.  I can’t tell you what I got her until after the party!

Oh, yeah, and I won one of the door prizes at the seminar today — oops — yesterday.  I love good days.

7 thoughts on “Living It Up In ‘Louie

  1. BB….sounds like you had a great shopping trip , what about the conference, did you learn anything…….JK…..Safe travel home


  2. Lovin’ your stories…
    I keep signing up for the subscription & get them a day or two then they just stop. Then I sign up all over again…I get angry when I forget to check on my own:)


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