The Winner is…

Jill with Olivia

JILL IS THE WINNER OF THE CONTEST!!!!  You are No. 66 which is the winning number.

Sorry, Jill, this is the only pic I had, but I love this picture.  You so deserve a great prize!  You were a good sport when I blogged about you, and I’m sure you will be a good sport when I do it again.

I will stick it in the mail on Monday (since I’m in Kansas City) and you should receive it soon.  Do you think you could have Olivia put a pic of the laptop on facebook or send it to me in an email so I can put it on the blog?

Thanks for playing along with me everybody.  I had such fun and hope you did too.  So keep reading because there will be another prize and prizewinner again one of these days.

One thought on “The Winner is…

  1. Wow! Thank you Auntie Bren! This is exciting! I am really surprised. Really surprised. Knowing you, I half expected this to be a great, well-thought-out April Fool’s Day prank since the drawing was today! And, yes, I will have Olivia take a picture of the “laptop” and put it on facebook or e-mail it to you. I don’t mind the picture… I’m just not sure why Olivia wore that hat in it. (Haha. Just kidding Liv.) Well, I think I will go play the lottery now…

    P.S. Sometimes when I read other people’s blogs, I think “I should enter their giveaways,” but don’t. Now maybe I will.


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