Hmmmm.  Not sure what happened to Maxine’s pictures.  Could be something I wasn’t supposed to put on here, and they somehow stopped me.  Wouldn’t that be nice to have a built-in stop-her-when-she-needs-to-be-stopped mechanism?  Oh, wait.  We have one.  It’s called a conscience.

So I took the Maxine post off because it just wasn’t the same without Maxine’s funny little pictures and stuck a little note up here instead.  Just a little reminder, I guess, to listen to your conscience.  Maybe it wasn’t WordPress that had something to do with me needing to change the post.  I wonder…

5 thoughts on “Redo!

  1. Probably because Maxine is under license. You can’t just use it anywhere!
    Well, you still owe us a blog for today! Don’t think you get out of that!!haha


  2. Well, my conscience is somewhat loose around the edges, and maybe other places but it does seem to hold tight in the northeast corner. I don’t know what’s up there I refuse to go


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