Mrs. Lee

Mrs. Jim Caldwell

Tonight as I read the comments on yesterday’s post, it occurred to me I should have put a picture of Mrs. Lee on here.  She would rather be referred to as Mrs. Jim Caldwell, I am quite sure, because she still loves that man and is still proud to be called his wife.

life-long friends

This was at Mom’s birthday one year, not too many years ago, only two or three before she passed away.  We always tried to bring Lee for the festivities.  She is an optimist, ever looking for a reason to smile.  And to go.  A good lesson by a good woman.


4 thoughts on “Mrs. Lee

  1. She was my neighbor 30 years ago. They were the nicest people. I baked a pie and took to her one time when Jim was sick. I remember because I didn’t cook much less bake…but they seemed pleased…probably threw it out the back door. Always so polite and sweet.


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