Oh Happy Day!! Oh Happy Day!!!

doing the happy dance

This has been a great day!!!  The internet customer service dude finally took the time to actually fix my internet connection.  (I can’t discuss it anymore than that, or I will forget I had a great day!)  I took pics of my neat gift from my neat friends (Funky Three without Me) (will finish that story tomorrow);

the wrapping paper (I love Veggie Tales)

I got my floor all sanded and polished and the furniture back in the house; AND (drumroll please) I got my baby grand delivered!!  YES!  What a great day.  And to top it off, I went to my Matilda and the Hogbottom Girls book club meeting,  pigged out on great food, and discussed the book Chasing Fireflies by Charles Martin.

Matilda and the Hogbottom Girls

So now I have to sing the song of joy and happiness as they did in the movie “Sister Act” with Whoopie Goldberg.                                      

the baby grand!

“Oh happy day, oh happy day, when Jesus washed my sins away.  He taught me how to fight and pray. And live rejoicing every day.  Oh happy day.  I’m talking ’bout the happy days.  Oh happy day.”

16 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day!! Oh Happy Day!!!

  1. OH MY GOSH It is beautiful I can hardly wait for Fridayand the concert. I have a request. I love the song “Silver Springs” by Fleetwood Mac (I’m not sure about the name haha) but if you will play it I will wear a tiara. SEE YOU FRIDAY


  2. OH yeah One other thing “Funky Three without Me”What is that? It does sound like a fun bunch though. Any little short fat people who willingly share their chocolate donuts in this group?


    • they are the Funky Four when I am there but the Funky Three without Me. hahahaha OMG!!! They are the most fun ever!!! 🙂 Actually, there are a couple of short chubbies, one tall skinny with big you-know-whats, and one skinny little guy that is up for anything (no pun intended.) check out the next post; will put it up tonight. It’s about the Funky Four. 🙂


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