Computer Problems!!!

Well, my stinking server has screwed up my service once again.  I know I am being very nasty and hateful, but it is driving me crazy.  Verizon became Frontier… and honestly, ever since then I’ve had phone and computer problems.  Their tech people are extremely nice and very well versed on handling irate customers I would imagine.  After waiting for an hour (at least) to finally talk to a tech guy, I was ready to bite the head off of whoever was sitting at the other end of the phone.  Better judgment took control, and instead I sweetly asked him if he had many irate customers today.  He said, yes, that he had been cussed out several times today.  Poor guy. I was nice.

So I am sitting at my daughter’s house, in front of her computer, (a complete stranger) and sending out this little note to tell you to keep checking in for the computer fix and new pics and posts.  They said no later than Monday.  I’m thinking come Monday I will be calling around for a new server!

Till then, my friends, have a great weekend.

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