The Big Win! For the Packers Too.

Super Bowl!

For the past decade I’ve tried to watch football… and can’t.  Too many memories of watching it with someone I loved who loved football.  This year is different.  I actually made it through the Super Bowl without a single episode of anxiety and with a light heart.  I had a gut feeling the Packers would win (my Colts team having graciously bowed out of the Big Ring game) (okay, maybe not so graciously).

Black Eyed Peas

And as if helping me celebrate my victory, my turning point, the half-time entertainment, although still not great, (I at least try to manage the half-time wardrobe malfunctions) beat some I’ve seen in the past.  I loved the lighted people and want one of those light suits for Halloween!

places to go/people to see

A handful of popcorn in one hand and an ice cold Coca-Cola in the other were my party companions.  Oh, yeah, and the Kindle book for my book club reading in case things got rough, and I needed a diversion.  There were places to go and people to be around, but my home was a resting place with the solitude my cushion.

And I watched the whole game.

6 thoughts on “The Big Win! For the Packers Too.

  1. Cant believe its been 10 years! Something I will never forget everytime McKayla turns a year older I’m reminded of Jimmy Joe. I also watched the superbowl & loved the half time show & commercials much more than the game! Did u notice Christina Aguilera messed up the national anthem? It didnt matter though because that girl can sing! Well off to paint the babys room. Have a good day!


  2. Well……BB…….I just knew you would be calling me for supplies for your party, and I would have someplace to go after church…..No you already had everything….but friend if you need anything….I am just down the street, and always checking on facebook to see if I can lend a helping hand.


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