Munching on Mice


edible mice

O!!!M!!!G!!!  Oh my gosh!!!  I have just, in my opinion, and the opinions of the lovely members of my family, successfully made my very first, um, uh, dish from one of the prolific magazine recipes I have been moving from area to area for the last, oh, let’s say, ten years anyway.  I am sooooo excited!  And to prove my great accomplishment, there is, of course, the accompanying photo shot.

As is rather apparent, this was a good recipe with which to start the recipe portion of my blog (especially since my four-year-old granddaughter made half of them).  I am a success!  Which only goes to show you that I have set my standards and goals at a rather low scale for the time being ( it just doesn’t get much lower than an edible varmint).  I can only go up from here!  YES!!  For you see, I need to feel the sweet bliss of success, no matter how small (thought tiny mice were appropriate).  Each step on the success ladder bolsters my ego, my self-esteem; keeps me plodding forward.  I am buoyed with the confidence that I can get through this formidable pile of magazine pages with all these delightful pictures of delicious-looking food (without tossing them in the trash).  I have set myself a goal… and I will succeed!

These little creatures are so detestable though.  I didn’t eat a single one of them… neither did Dar.  I can’t wait to tell you that story!

4 thoughts on “Munching on Mice

  1. Brenda , those mice are adorable! And what work went into them!! Good job!
    Here is what I do with my torn out recipes. I bought a nice big photo album. The kind that you can remove and add pages to. Then some tabbed pages to separate them. I have sections for pies, cakes, meats, etc. The kind of pages that peel back.
    You can add or remove recipes as you please! I have two such books. YOu can take the one page out and bake, then return it to the book! Very easy to use!! And you can get all those recipes organized!


    • Gail, I have one of those big books!!! And so many more recipes to go in more big books. So… I’m discarding as I go along. If I will never use it again, out it goes, or if I like it, into my favorites it goes. I’m so excited to see which ones stay and which ones get the axe. 🙂


  2. I used to subscribe to Quick Cooking, I think it was. LOVED that magazine…loved the recipes. Would save them for later, then stack them, then put them in the cookbook drawer, then finally about a year ago, I gave them away to the Second Hand store in town…I think I had been keeping them around for about 10 yrs too. Glad I’m not the only one who does that!! The mice are adorable. My son was disturbed, but I think they’re cute…keep kickin’


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