edible mice

O!!!M!!!G!!!  Oh my gosh!!!  I have just, in my opinion, and the opinions of the lovely members of my family, successfully made my very first, um, uh, dish from one of the prolific magazine recipes I have been moving from area to area for the last, oh, let’s say, ten years anyway.  I am sooooo excited!  And to prove my great accomplishment, there is, of course, the accompanying photo shot.

As is rather apparent, this was a good recipe with which to start the recipe portion of my blog (especially since my four-year-old granddaughter made half of them).  I am a success!  Which only goes to show you that I have set my standards and goals at a rather low scale for the time being ( it just doesn’t get much lower than an edible varmint).  I can only go up from here!  YES!!  For you see, I need to feel the sweet bliss of success, no matter how small (thought tiny mice were appropriate).  Each step on the success ladder bolsters my ego, my self-esteem; keeps me plodding forward.  I am buoyed with the confidence that I can get through this formidable pile of magazine pages with all these delightful pictures of delicious-looking food (without tossing them in the trash).  I have set myself a goal… and I will succeed!

These little creatures are so detestable though.  I didn’t eat a single one of them… neither did Dar.  I can’t wait to tell you that story!