The Age of Adaptability

Just as all animals on earth adapt to survive, this year I have been adapting for my survival.  For the past decade, actually, I have been trying to adapt, however unwillingly.

First, it was the eyes.  I will never forget how mad I was at the opthomologist when he told me the reason my vision was blurry was because I was getting older.  I think I was just a young 42 at that time.

And, of course, I’ve been dealing with the joint pain (probably arthritis) since I was 28.  Every year finds a new ache somewhere deep within my bones.

Last year I added a new mix:  falling and dropping things.  The first fall was a year or so ago when I was standing on the shovel sort of jumping on it with both feet (it was fall; needed to get the plants out of the ground to the warm garage) and somehow just fell right over onto the dollie I use to trot my plants to the garage.  I landed right on my left thigh.  That thing was bruised, severely bruised, all the way to my knee with a big hump in it.  I went to the doctor, and everybody had to have a look.  It was one of the worst ones they had seen.

I learned my lesson on that one and now move the dollie out of the way!

This year I fell in the stinking pool (you’ve heard all about that at least once on here) and my whole right arm from the shoulder down to my wrist aches and hurts, and I can’t use it.

Over the weekend Darla wanted me and Dave to go for a nice leisurely evening at Carbondale.  Just as we were nearing town, Dave’s work called saying they needed him for an emergency.  So they dropped me off at Menard’s, and Dar took him back.  When she got in the parking lot at Menard’s, she called and I said I would be right there.

And I would have, too, if it hadn’t been for the gallon can of water sealer that fell on my foot, my big toe mainly.  And now my left foot aches and is bruised.  The good people at Menard’s got me a wheelchair and cleaned the blood up off the floor.  Dar got my picture in the wheelchair but I can’t figure out how to get it off my computer or even the card for that matter to show you just how cute I look in a wheelchair.  The geriatrics are going to so want me someday… someday soon it feels like.

I think I’m beginning to adapt to pain and aching.  Just in time.  My wheelchair days are around the corner.

Help! I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get UP!!

Those were my words from the bottom of the pool Monday evening.  I was walking down the deep incline to get the pump going again because it had stopped, (needs to stay dry for the curing stage of five days so had to get the rain water off of it) and as I was about two-thirds of the way down, unbeknownst to me, the bottom of the incline was wet.  My feet slid on the slicker than snot (I really hate that analogy, sorry) rubberized pool floor, and I went ka-whack!!  Hitting my entire right side in the free fall.  Since I was holding the rope we use to climb up and down that incline, I held on tighter to keep from tumbling, thus, I am fairly certain from the way it feels, tearing my rotator cuff.

As I lay there on my back staring around at Bikini Blue walls and floor, I was hoping I had not broken anything because it felt as though my thigh bone was cracked.

big black bug

After a little wiggling spell, I decided nothing was broken, and after looking around at the big bugs crawling all over the place, I hurriedly got up, really deciding I was fine.  After all, there may have been a baby frog down there as well.  EEEEEEEK!!

But I’m not.  I hurt from stem to stern and am bruising more and more each day.  My right shoulder is killing me, and I can barely use it.  I have decided I’m too old for this sheet.  What the heck am I doing at the bottom of a 10-foot or more deep swimming pool?


So for the last two days, I have been dragging around like the town tomcat because I can’t sleep and I hurt like Hades.  I am praying for a miracle, so am quite sure God will forget about those awful things I said to Him and about Him Sunday afternoon and Monday evening and will heal me.

Bikini Blue wheelchair

Or at least send some knight in shining armor that will want to whisk me up on his Bikini Blue wheelchair and roll off together in the sunset… leaving the Bikini Blue pool for the frogs and the bugs.